Indian Pagoda Hire

Indian Pagodas are a stylish, understated choice for intimate events or small parties. Inspired by the “tent palaces” of northern India, these pagodas are simpler than other larger tents.

Indian marquees feature a single coned roof and signature draperies around each of its poles, creating a private yet open air area.

Our Indian Pagoda Packages

There are two main packages for our Indian Pagoda hire: decorated and un-decorated. Pagodas are a flexible space which allows them to be used for bands, ceremonies, a bar or as a chill out area with large cushions and rugs for soft seating. Depending on what you are using the pagoda for, on its own or alongside a larger marquee, will determine which package you need.

What Is Included In Indian Marquee Hire?

Our pagodas are round in structure, as opposed to square, and includes a covering. They are not to be confused with pergolas, which do not feature a roof-like covering but rather beams or a lattice atop them.

If you select the decorated Indian marquee package, the standard decoration includes: coconut matting, richly coloured rugs, elegant drapes for walls and entrances, soft cushions and an optional low level table covered with Indian accessories.

Pagoda Marquee Sizes & Colours

All our Indian Marquee hires are for 4 metre diameter Indian pagodas.

If there is a particular colour theme for your event, let us know and we’ll do our best to find you a coordinating coloured Indian pagoda.


Our Indian pagodas are available in a single size, so prices are not dependant on number of guests – as with some other tents from Moroccan Marquees. Prices instead are based on the decorated or not packages:

Pagoda only – from £500*

Decorated Pagoda – from £650

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